Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Vacation anyone? Featuring Designer Circle with B!asta, Graffitiwear, Wertina and Eternal Dream

Every year at this time I take my kids up to our Condo at Bear Lake. 
It has kinda been a family tradition. 

This year things did not work out to allow us to go. I am missing the condo, and 
it feels like its time for a vaca!!

Remember to take time to enjoy life, work will always be there, but 
building memories is a day at a time deal. 
Those wasted days of working your life away cannot be made up to family members. 
So take time for the enjoyments in life as well. 

So...vacation anyone?

Taste of Freedom Coat in Taupe by B!asta
Avaliable in 4 colors, in mesh and fit mesh

Sable Fur Boots by Graffitiwear

Tights in stripe by Wertina

Neige poses by Eternal Dream

Heart hair by Red Mint

Pearl and Diamond Jewelry by Yummy

Eyeshadow in soft by MONS

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