Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tangled Web...Featuring Zanze and ILLI

Have you ever gotten yourself into a mess that you feel backed into a corner? 
The further in you get, the more lost into it you get. 
Until you feel like you have lost everything. 
Yes, we all weave our own webs in which we tangle ourselves into. 
Best to not start weaving the web, but once you are trapped...honesty is the best policy. 

So get yourself out of the web, get your feet back on the floor, and heal the heart. 
For some reason, the web always attaches itself to the heart first. 

Imelda Web Halter by Zanze

Amarissa Slink High Heels for Slink Feet by ILLI

Seductive eyeshadow in black by Topazia

Duck lips in coal by Pink Acid
Pink Acid

The Witching Hour Hair by KoKoLoReS

Enchanted Spider Jewelry by Zuri Rayna

Tangled Web

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