Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kraken....Featuring Prey

I blog, and wonder if anyone ever reads them or if 
people just look at the pretty pictures. 

While doing this blog, I was talking to a friend and we were
talking about people on the internet. 

I am not sure about any of you but I have met some really nice people here, 
but I have also met some incredibly scary people here. 
I once met a serial killer. He is behind bars now, thank goodness. 
He uses the online game that I was a part of 
to seduce and convince his prey to come to him. 
Lots of women just disappeared from the internet premise, and 
nobody thought a second thought about them, until someone did. 

So, as I ponder on my past endeavors and go into future ones, I hope everyone will be 
careful as to whom they have relations with, and with whom they put their trust in. 
Trust me, there are worst things then being lonely. 

So, as follow up on my question, does anyone really read these? If so, do you have a story that 
defines you? Or feel like it defines a good deal of your life. 
I think now a days everyone seems to have a story. Something that has changed them, 
some horrific hardship they lived through. 
We decide if it defines us or not, but they certainly change us. Put our lives on a different path. 

Is there anyone out there with a boring life who thinks they have no story that has 
been defining? 

Kraken by Prey
Mask and bubbles included

Eyeshadow Mystery2 in green by MONS

Seduction Lips in aqua by + [ l u x ] 
no longer avaliable

Phantom Tenticles by Sinfull

Silver Great Wave Hat by ALEGRIA

Diona Necklace by Lazuri
Group gift

Diona Bracelets by Lazuri
past group gift


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