Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I got an icecream...Featuring Designer Circle with JKStyle, AsHmOoT, StormCrow Design's, IOS

So showing my age in this post, one of my favorite comedians back when I was younger 
was Eddie Murphy. His icecream bit was one of my favs. To this day I still sing his 
icecream song. So when I found this icecream prop I had to do an icecream dance and the 
poses from IOS fit in perfectly for my...I got an icecream song. 
If you have no idea what I am talking about, look at the video I added at the bottom.

So...I got an ice cream, and you don't have none..cuz your father is an alchoholic!!
Wanna lick? psych!

Mazey top and skinny jeans by JKStyle
Designer Circle

Acc Coll_Cat's Ear's Hat in cream by AsHmOoT
Designer Circle

AW Coll_Cardagain w Fur in cream by AsHmOoT
Designer Circle

Platform Boots with Hud by StormCrow Design's
Designer Circle

Bonton Poses by Icons Of Style
Designer Circle

CIP Mia Full Makeup by Carrie's
Past VIP

Visage Eyeshadow in summer breeze by Blacklace Beauty

Forest's Tale Heart Key Necklace in white by +Half-Deer+
Half Deer

Morea Hair by Vanity
Past group gift

You dropped your icecream!!

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