Friday, February 20, 2015

Immortal...Featuring Designer Circle with Amarelo Manga

This post is dedicated to a dear friend in RL who still
holds most of my heart.
Even though he feels he made a mistake in letting me go,
sometimes it's too late that we realize what we have to lose.

Time does not always erase the pain, nor take away
our mistakes.
And even though I am not with you Daryl, you still
have me, and I still hold your hand through it all.

You are still with me.

Idalina Dress by Amarelo Manga
Designer Circle

Idalina Jewelry by Amarelo Manga
Designer Circle

Shena Lips in Gold by Madrid Solo
Madrid Solo

Vices Eye Makeup in sun by Glamorize

Darklove Tiara in gold by F I N E S M I T H
No longer avaliable

Anastasia Earrings by Heth Haute Couture

Nevermore Heels in gold by lassitude & ennui
lassitude & ennui

Ladies fur Trim Cloak by MI960270
past gatcha

Kara Hair in gold by Tukinowaguma


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