Friday, February 6, 2015

In the arms of an Angel....Featuring Sneak Peek with AsHmOoT

This blog is dedicated to a very dear friend, who has been watching over me for 
longer than I knew. 
At a time in his life, when he is finding his way, struggling through 
some really hard times...
I hope he knows that he has an angel on his shoulder. 

The one thing in this life that I can attest to is that we have angels with us
when we are struggling the most. 
When we are going through our hardest times...
you best believe that you are not alone. 

We are not all believers, but when the chance to believe comes along, 
I hope that you will open your heart enough to 
perhaps change your thinking. 

I would be lying if I said angels are not real. 
I had two hold me through the most painful event of my life. 
Those angels are always there, always ready to hold me through my darkest hour, 
to make the pain I must go through tolerable. your heart...if not just a little. 
I think you believe too. 

Coll_Bsuit in black by AsHmOoT
comes with bowler hat and boots

Eyeshadow Mystery2 in red by MONS

Petal Lips in Harlot by Glamorize

'Little secret' Rose Garter by DeSSion

Hatsuhi hair by Tableau Vivant
Group Gift

Falling petals from Courture Vortex in Red by Boudoir

Verania Necklace by Pure Poison
Group Gift

Eternity Wings in lust by Remarkable Oblivion

Melancholy Bracer in Inferno by Remarkable Oblivion

In the arms of an angel...

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