Saturday, March 7, 2015

Born this way....Featuring LJB-Ink and Designer Circle with !!smeth, TnO, Baubles! by Phe, BLACK HAUS, Icons Of Style

Designer Circle is having a birthday, so I thought I
would bring roses. Happy Birthday DC!!!
Don't miss out!

My blog today hold great meaning with my RL daughter. She posted something
not long ago, not quoting word for word,
but she wondered if she was in a place with normal people
and she looked around at all the normal people,
are they really normal or do they
feel just like her?

 Baby girl, there is nothing wrong with who you are.
I think that so long as we don't intentionally do things to hurt other,
we stand for our own values,
and we love with all our are as normal as it gets.
Nothing wrong with being born this way!!!

Spring Romantic Blouse & HW shorts by !!smesh
Designer Circle

Spring Romantic Pumps for Slink high feet by !!smesh
Designer Circle

Alisa Fancy Skin by TnO
Designer Circle

Dragonfly Ring by Baubles! by Phe
Designer Circle

Indian Septum Piercing by BLACK HAUS
Designer Circle

Roses Pose by Icons Of Style
Designer Circle

Breath of Life tat by LJB-INK
full sleeve

Zippers Open on Legs by LJB-Ink

Eyeliner by POUDRE

Intense Eyelashes by Enchanted Ink
No longer avaliable

Jenna hair by Truth

Born that way


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