Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My eyes adored you...Featuring Sneak Peek with Jumo

Every woman wants to be the center of attention.
We love to be watched and found beautiful.

Not sure if I am adored more, or if the dress is adored more,
but I know
I will be adored while wearing it.

Jumo has done it again, I adore the clothing, and love the jewelry even more...
then the shoes!! OMG!
Get over to Sneak Peek and check it out.

Diva Rocks Dress by JUMO
Sneak Peek

Diva Rocks Jewelry by JUMO
Sneak Peek

Diva Rocks Shoes by JUMO
Sneak Peek

Jo_Brown hair by Miss. C
Past event

Vices Eye Makeup in Chocolate by Glamorize

Tickle Lips in Frosting by Glamorize

Eyeliner 01 by POUDRE

My Eyes Adored you

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