Thursday, April 2, 2015

Alone...Featuring Jumo and Designer's Circle with Me Sew Sexy, Wow Skins, L'Angueisette, VG shoes

Alone, we all feel alone at one time or another.
The thing is, we all have it within us to be
complete. There is all the love inside
of each of us to be whole.
We just don't realize it.
It isn't anyone's responsibility but your own
to make you whole. Nobody has to entertain you,
make you feel wanted, keep you safe, make you feel loved.
But, when you can do those things for yourself,
then you make an incredible partner.

Lace Dress in Red by Me Sew Sexy
Designer Circle

Enya Skin by WoW skins appliers included
Designer Circle

Juicy Lipstick by L'Anguisette
Designer Circle

Barcelona Shoes for Slink Feet in Red by VG shoes
Designer Circle

Eyebrow Pack Be Different in 002 Blonde by Jumo

Lolita Hair in Golden Blonde by Jumo

Beybrows Mirage c69 nobrow (hide 100%) BY unBra

Fenghuang Jewelry by Chop Zuey


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