Monday, April 6, 2015

Marry the night...Featuring Designer Circle with Amarelo Manga, AsHmOoT and Sneak Peek with WTB

I have lead a really rough life, things did not unfold the way I would have chose them to.
I had an abusive and failed marriage,
survived a skydiving accident,
lived through financial devastation,
and I am still here to talk about it.

As I rebuild, I realize that not everything is as cut and clear as I wanted to believe
when I was younger.
I had to see life as I wanted it to be, and not to as it was.
I became JewelOfDeNiel.
It is not that I an naive or blind, its just that
I like to choose my own reality.
You can choose how you see things, how you accept the things around you.
You can create a perfect world around you and ignore the horror that
can be parked on  your doorstep.
I surrounded myself with people who did the same.
I recently lost a friend who did just that as well.
He chose to see only the good, to turn a raging battle into
helping other and a joke. Not to laugh at others but himself.

So, Marry the night...walk hand in  hand with the dark, but see the light in it.
Remake your reality into something beautiful, even if it's not as beautiful as
you had hoped it would be.
Reality is perception.
What is it that you perceive? 

Beatriz Mini Dress by  [AMARELO MANGA]
Designer Circle

Beatriz Neacklace by [AMARELO MANGA]
Designer Circle

Bambolina Hair in black by AsHmOoT
Designer Circle

Valentina Lace Antique Heels by WTB for Slink High feet
Sneak Peek

L'Africaine Cuff Bracelets by Chop Zuey

Lipstick casse in red by Chandelle
Christmas Gift

Vices eye makeup by Glamorize

Marry the night

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