Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chasin Butterflies...Featuring Jumo

We all wanna chase butterflies, no matter who you are.
You wanna feel that feeling in the pit of your stomach,
the one where you can't stop thinking about him.
Where he is everything in the world, and the only
one who matters.
We all chase the butterflies,
we love the chase, love the rush....

Funny thing is that once caught, not many know how to
treat a delicate butterfly with care,
and it dies.

How do you chase and catch butterflies?

Dream Gown with Stole by Jumo

Dream Diamond Jewelry by Jumo

Metalilic LIpstick in red tones by Pink Fuel
Hunt prize not avaliable

Seductive eyeshadows in black by Topazia

Tourniquet hair by Moon at Uber

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