Friday, April 17, 2015

At your own risk....Featuring Designer Circle with AsHmOoT, Wow Skins, StormCrow Designs, Pink Cherry, Eternal Dreams, Also Jumo and RJB Jewelry

Awww, summer is on its way. Warm weather and bikini's..
swimming in the deep end. It's always fun to swim in the deep end...
but be careful, when you jump into the deep end, 
remember, it's at your own risk. 

Amore Hair in Dark Blonde by AsHmOoT
Designer Circle

Phraya skin in tan by Wow Skins
Designer Circle

Flower Wrap-2 by StormCrow Designs
Designer Circle

Spring 2 Nails for slink hands and feet by Pink Cherry
Designer Circle

Harley poses by Eternal Dreams
Designer Circle

Cuban Jewelry in silver by RJB Jewelry
RJB Jewelry

Alexa Black Eyeliners by Jumo

Alexa Lips in pink by Jumo

Essex Shoes by Jumo

Eyebrows in blonde by Jumo

At your own risk

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