Saturday, May 2, 2015

Like The Rock, Shake it OFF...Featuring Designer Circle with Amarelo Manga

My daughters and I have a running joke. 
I never leave the house without makeup, even if it's just to run to the store. 
So the kids always tease me that they have to wait sometimes while I put on my makeup. 
I told them that they never know, I might meet my husband there and 
I would really hate to give him a bad first impression. 

I also have this thing about bald men. They are hella sexy. 
Vin Desel, the Rock...yea that's sexy. 
So they tease me that when we go to the store, we may run into my 
husband and of course, you know Vin and Rock hang out at 
my grocery store. 

So here is to bumping into your future husband
and you don't wanna shake that off!!

Mariane Dress and shoes by AMARELO MANGA

Lash Out in no color by Madrid Solo

Metallic Lipstick Lt. Tones in Violet by Pink Fuel
Hunt gift

One way or another Hair by Exile
Past Event

Reflections jewelry by RJB
Past Event Exclusive

Shake it off

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