Friday, June 19, 2015

Black Magic...featuring Jumo

Designed for the Fantasy Angel Fashion Show

 So do you ever hate going to a shop to find an amazing
something off a blog, but when you get there it takes forever to find it?
Tip of the Day:
Pull up the area search and put in the object you are trying to find.
Boom...there it is, no spending forever looking around.
But, some of the most amazing things I have found at stores was when I was just looking around.
So get out there and look around, there are so many amazing
things out there.

  Black White Sides Outfit by Jumo

Black White Sides Jewelry by Jumo

Paris Lips Roses in True Rose by Jumo

Eclipse shadow in moonlight by #adored

Holly Hair by Entwined at Shiny Shabby
Shiny Shabby

Leg lace piercing by coepio

Black Magic

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