Saturday, June 20, 2015

Your Guardian Angel...featuring Jumo

Designed for the Fantasy Angel Fashion Show

When you love someone, unconditionally, you never ask for anything in return.
If they love you back, they give to you as well, but love does not come with

If you love someone, take care of them, don't be the source of their pain.
Love does not turn against someone, real love is forever not
just when you want something.

Royal Angels Outfit by Jumo

Passion Lips in Rose Apple by Jumo

Lying eyes in blue by Madrid Solo
Madrid Solo

The Dutchess Eyes by Demi's starshine

Lucrezia hair by Tableau Vivant
Tableau Vivant

Tip of the day:
You can edit a lot of the hair out there, just edit, then click on edit linked parts,
see if you are able to move the hair one section at a time.
But, warning, you may not be able to get it back where it was if you mess up, so
always make a copy before you start getting creative.
If you move many pieces getting to the one you need to move,
try hitting control and z at the same time. On a lot of things, it will
move the items back where they were before you started messing with them all. 

Your guardian Angel

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