Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fairy Queen...Featuring Jumo

Designed for the Fantasy Angel Fashion Show
For anyone who says they do not like classical music,
I think that is a misnomer.

Every amazing, timeless show that you watch, everything that has elegance and class
you will find classical music lifting the
movie in the background.

I have heard people say they hate classical music,
but alas, I think they are just not paying
attention to what they are watching.

As for Jumo, if you have not checked out her new line for the Fantasy Angel's,
you better get over there, they are amazing.

Thank you Jumo for letting me blog these amazing designs.

Fairy Queen Outfit by Jumo

Fairy queen Jewelry by Jumo

Tickle Lips in Eggplant by Glamorize

Fairy Pink Face Tattoo by White~Widow

Miso hair by D!va Hair

Aphrodite Jeweled Stiletto by Sax Shepherd Designs 

Fairy Queen

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