Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Goddess...Featuring Jumo

Designed for the Fantasy Angel Fashion Show


I am gonna take you back to when I was married. 
My x did not know how to keep a hold of me once he had me. 
I remember him telling me how much he hated this or that about me. 
Then after I changed for him, 
all I heard was about how I had changed and I was not the woman he married. 
Funny how when someone tries to change you, they are never happy with the end results. 
It doesn't matter what someone may not like about you, 
it is what made you who you are. 
Sure there are some bad habits we should get under control, everyone has them. 
But if someone wants you to totally change, they don't love you. 
And funny things is, they won't love you even when you become what they say they want you to be. 

After my marriage was over, I met a man. He was so amazing, treated every woman he met like gold. 
Ever woman wanted to be with him, yet he chose me. 
Funny thing was, after he got me, he didn't do those things to me that he was doing to all the other ladies. 
He knew how to catch someone, just didn't know how to hold onto them. 
Nobody wants to see their man treating every lady he meets with 
such adoration and forgetting you are the one he has. 

So men, treat your ladies like the goddess she is. Love her, all of her. 
For that is what unconditional love is. You love them, even if they are not 
exactly what you want them to be.

Goddess of Gold Boots by Jumo

Goddess of Gold Outfit by Jumo

Warren Jewelry by Jumo

Plum full set makeup by Make up Addiction

Shriya Hair in Black Coffee by Wasabi Pills


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