Saturday, July 25, 2015

Be my princess...Featuring Sneak Peek with Jumo

The best thing in the world is to fall in love. 
When he leans over and whispers in your ear, 
"Be my princess." 
You will never be the same. 
If you are in a relationship and you crave those feelings 
of when you were first together, 
find a way to reignite the passion. 
It is and will always be there. 

So, look back in his eyes and say...
"Yes, I will always be your princess!"

Sneak Peek is here... and JUMO has a brand new amazing gown waiting for you: Andromeda. Its name and style comes from the Andromeda constellation shining in the summer sky.
It is a silk magnificent piece full of rich embroidery, and has the sexiest cut to make everybody stare at you. It also comes with the matching jewelry with bright stars and shiny high heels, that will create the perfect style!!

Andromeda Gown in Forest by Jumo at Sneak Peek for 399L
Jewelry, shoes and collar included
Sneak Peek

Petal lips in lush pink by Glamorize

Tropika eyeshadow by alaskametro<3

Wish Master Wand by Atomic (gatcha)

Be my princess

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