Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Honey, I'm good...Apply Me! with Ch's Army, Wow Skins, MEOWpolitan Creations

Oh no honey I'm good. 

So many people on SL who think that it's not cheating to find someone 
else here. Besides, it's just virtual right? 
Well at the end of the day, if your relationship is failing in RL, 
you can't fix it with an SL relationship. 
Get off the computer and show your significant other some lovin. 

Not judging, just sayin, there are so many things about our RL that we 
sometimes overlook. 
If you spend as much time putting things back together as you do on SL...
you just might find you have something to save. 

So honey, I'm good, I think I will wait for someone unattached in both worlds.

Amy shorts from Ch's Army
Apply Me

Aisha skin in Tan by Wow Skins
Apply Me

Princess shirt by MEOWpolitan Creations
Apply Me

Bellini Pearl jewelry by Caroline's Jewelry at Fabfree
Past gift

Tickle Lips in Pink Ice by Glamorize

Glamour Eyes in Smoke by La Boheme
La Boheme

Mule Bunny for slink feet in Pink Hypnose

Bunny Ears and tail by Zuri
Past hunt prize

Apple II hair in Ash Blond, and Mesh body by Maitreya

Honey, I'm good

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