Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Barbie girl...Featuring Apply Me with Pink Pearl Designs, .PoshTale., and Wow Skins

Oh to be a Barbie and dress up, have the cool car and
the dream house. 
Be the Barbie that you have within you and rock it!!

Apply Me has some fantastic finds, don't miss out!

Valley Girl outfit by Pink Pearl Designs
includes shoes and socks, jacket, skirt, top, (top not used for this blog) earplugs with phone, sunglasses, purse and necklace
Apply Me

TWW bodysuit in silver by .PoshTale.

Aisha skin in Tan by Wow Skins 

Donut Glazed lip gloss in Pinky by Pink Acid
Pink Acid

Smoke eyeshadow by La Boheme
La Boheme

Walking on sunshine hair by Exile at Hair Fair 2015

Ice cream says: 
It aint gonna suck itself.

Barbie Girl

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