Thursday, July 16, 2015

You are the one that I want...Featuring Designer Circle with 1 Hundred, AsHmOoT, Baubles! by Phe, and StormCrow Design's

It is almost halftime at Designer Circle. 
Don't miss out on these cute new designs. 
I have a confession. 
I HATE appliers. I have never really liked them, I hated system clothing
and when the mesh clothes came out 
I was enamored.  
To me mesh is where its at. And any appliers/system clothes just had to go. 
But OMG. If you have not seen what they are doing with these appliers and the 
mesh bodies, you gotta check them out. 
They are simply amazing and look fantastic. 
So, he is to me and a new start with appliers, which I now LOVE!
They are definitely the one that I want!

Let's Meet Mini in blue by 1 Hundred
Designer Circle

Coll_Simonetta Hair in in Pony by AsHmOoT
Designer Circle

DecoFan Set Jewelry by Baubles! by Phe
Designer Circle

High Heel Pumps in black by StormCrow Design's
Designer Circle

CottonCandy lipcolor by [Hush]

You are the one that I want

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