Friday, July 10, 2015

When my ship comes in...Featuring Jumo and SWANK with Warm Animations

Feel like you are always waiting for your ship to come in? 
Sometimes you have to give fate a hand and 
quit waiting. 

You have it in your power to do anything you wish to do. 
You just need to believe in yourself. 

Fate is a busy woman, help her out.

Tip of the Day:

I usually use one hud for most of my quick changes with fingernails. 
This hud has 110 colors. 
Soooo easy when you need a quick change or are in a competition. 
Never be seen with none matching nails again, its easy with just one click. 

Slink Nails by Alyce

Pier Bench by Warm Animations

Gisele outfit in sky by Jumo

Gisele jewelry in Rainbow Moonstone by Jumo
Tickle lips in strawberry by Glamorize

Vivacious Eye Makeup in Turquoise Green by Glamorize

Alexa Black Eyeliner 002 by Jumo
Past Event

Lana Hair in Brown Diamond by D!va

When my ship comes in

Holy hanna, he is young in this vid!

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