Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beautiful Elegance...Featuring SWANK with Zuri Jewelry and WoW Skins

Elegance and beauty go  hand in hand. 
We all aspire to be something, some do not aspire much for themselves. 
But if you really understand your inept worth, 
you will aspire to greatness. 
It reminds me of a fable that I was told while growing up. 

There was a village, far from the elegant castle.
Within this village there were quite a few baby boys born at the same time. 
The kingsman went to the village and proclaimed that within 
the village confines had been born the future king. 
The village was deemed with the daunting task of him 
to be the King that was born within him. 
But, they did not leave the identity of the young prince. 
Without knowing who the fine young man was, the only option was to 
raise all the boys as if they were the prince. 

When the boys had become young men, the Kingsman returned to see
what progress had been made on the young men. 
To their pleasant surprise, all the young men had 
been raised fit to be kings. 

The King himself came to see. 
Before him stood a group of fine young men, all fit to rule the Kingdom. 
The King announced that there was no prince among the boys, 
only a group of fine young men raised with the knowledge that one of them would one day be King. 

The lesson in this fable is that all of us, every last one of us is born 
with the ability to grow into a King or Queen. 
We all have the potential, we all are deserving. 
But what makes us shine is the way in which we are treated, raised and grown with the 
knowledge that we all deserve it. 

Charlotte Jewelry in Chocolate/Mocha/Topaz by Zuri Jewelry

V2 Vanny skin by Wow Skins

Cerridwen eyeshadow in 2 by La Boheme at We <3 Role Play
We <3 Roleplay

Tickle lips in frosting by Glamorize

Classic Hair w/bangs by Unorthodox

Beautiful Elegance

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