Thursday, August 13, 2015

Curtain Falls...Featuring Jumo and Swank with LaVian&Co and AnaMarKova

Not giving up on people is what you do when you really care. 
Sometimes you have to walk away, give them distance, but you never stop caring. 
Things usually come back together and settle down. 
But you never let go...and together, with someone who cares, you get through the worst
that life has to dish out. 
But the good memories with someone can never be replaced. So build good memories.

Feels Like Summer outfit by LaVian&Co at Swank

WHO2 hair in two tone by Ink 
(Hair Fair 2015 gift)

Prestige Lips in red by Jumo

Cleo jewelry by Jumo

Lorelei Peep Toe Pumps in Platinum for Slink High Feet by AnaMarKova at Swank 

About the lips:
This a .:JUMO:. BEAUTY for LELUTKA. 
This new concept of beauty was created exclusively to give your avatar a sexy and ultra realistic appearance, with high-quality textures, creating a very young and attractive look, with smooth curves and sensual softness.

Curtain Falls

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