Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dead Man's Party...Featuring Apply Me! with Jumo, Suki, and FLRN

I got a special treat this blog. 
I met a friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing. 
Ya know, 
the whole 7 degrees separation kinda thing, 
and he wanted to take my blog photo. 
So, hats off to Elijah for his wonderful photos. 

Who wants to join me at the dead man's party? 
Those who know me well know that I loveeeee this time of year. 
So let the leaves fall, let the magic begin, 
and party like you have no body!

8072 Hair by Pink Hustler (Gatcha)

Alexa Mesh Head by Jumo at Apply Me!
Eyelashes, Lips, Liner, Skin, and Shape come with the head

Flea Collar in black by Felicious

Blaze (Star and panties, comes with nipple covers) in white by Suki at Apply Me!

Adaline Jeans and Top in black by [FLRN] at Apply Me!

  Mazie Heels for Maitreya Feet by Ecce Bellus

Illuminati pose by Nantra at Collabor88

Dead Man's Party

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