Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lips of an Angel...Featuring Finesmith

My post today is about men who call long after you are over,
telling you that they love you and how they wish the
girl they are with was you.
Sometimes it takes a loss to realize what you had.
But sometimes you can never go back.
The problem with looking  back like that is that it keeps you
from being happy and moving forward.
So skip the call, be happy where you are,
and move along!

BTW, Yula has another amazing release, go grab it!

Julia outfit in blue by Finesmith
Includes Slink high heels for slink feet, corset, jeans, and Necklace

CottonCandy lipcolor by [Hush]
(came with a skin)

Nataly Black Eyeliner in Royal by Jumo

Knight of Flowers Eyepatch by a i s l i n g

Blossom Petals in blue by Astralia (gatcha)

Fae Aura - Dust swirl by [Gauze]

Belle Wings in Silver/Blue by [Glitzz] (gatcha) at The Body Modification Expo

Lips of an Angel

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