Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dear Future Husband...Featuring Rock Your Rack with {POSH PIXELS}

Dear Future Husband...
Treat me right...and you will be the most happy man on the planet!!
A little give, a little take...
Be my one and only!!

I use to have a boyfriend who all the girls would swarm to.
He knew all the right things to say and all the right things to do.
But, since I was his girl,
he stopped doing them for me.
He would boast...I could have any married woman I want.
Cuz the husband's don't know how to treat them.
They love the way I treat them.
Sad thing was, I hated watching him with the other girls,
cuz he forgot how to do them for me.

So, it is always easy to do things for someone for a minute,
but keeping them up for the long haul and letting people know how
you feel for a lifetime seems to be a hard thing to do.
If you can get that are one lucky fellow. 

Chloe Hair by Phoenix

Hortensia Crown in Pink by *LODE* (gatcha)

Magnolia II Double headpiece by *LODE* (gatcha)

Blossom Headpiece by Astralia (gatcha)

Makeup set Plum by MakeUp Addiction
MakeUp Addiction

Garden love necklace by Finesmith

Bellisima Lingerie in Blush by {POSH PIXELS} at RYR
Rock Your Rack

Michelle Heels for Slink Feet by VG Shoes
VG Shoes

 Dear Future Husband

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