Saturday, September 26, 2015

Out of Mind...Featuring Designer Circle with Glow Designs, Loords of London, Wertina


Honeydew hair by !Oleander

Alexa Black Eyeliner 004 by Jumo

Vices Eye Makeup in swamp by Glamorize

Bella Vetro Goss in toast by [mock]

Khandi Shoes in gold/gold by Glow Designs at Designer Circle
Designer Circle

A Brit Keck (pants) in #17  by Loords of London at Designer Circle
Designer Circle

Kit Sweater in Mustard by Wertina at Designer Circle
Designer Circle

Noob Voodoo Doll
I can pass this, so if you want it, hit me up inworld.

Voodoo needle in mouth from The Voodoo Doll! by LostAngel Industries

Voodoo Valentine 3 pose by Nantra (gatcha)


All items were from the Sept 2015 Arcade Gatcha
The Arcade Gatcha

(Death Row Designs)
DRD MM Baby Carriage
DRD MM couch broken
DRD MM suitcase
DRD MM wiccan pentagram
DRD MM radio
DRD MM tarot
DRD MM basket
DRD MM Haunted Dresser
02/.a. DIY Love Potions Hanging Lamp gold
03/.a. DIY Love Potions - Ingredients
04/.a. DIY Love Potions - Philtres
05/.a. DIY Love Potions - Books
08/.a. DIY Love Potion - Pestle and Mortar
10/.a. DIY Love Potions - Candles and Hourglass
12/.a.a DIY Love Potions - Ritual Roses
14/.a. DIY Love Potion - carpet of flowers
16/.a. DIY Love Potion - Alchemy of Love - Rare

Ariska[ Terre Automne ] White pumpkin

{RI} Candles

Pixel Mode - Fall Harvest - Lost Art

Out of Mind

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