Saturday, September 5, 2015

Teenage Dream...Featuring Jumo

So this week in RL I have been working on letting the past
stay in the past. 
There is something to say about not looking back. 
Sure remembering can be fun, but if it becomes an obsession..
you need to leave the past where it is. 
So, looking forward, today I start writing the rest of my life. 
I see some great things ahead. 
So here is to letting go like a teenager, not looking back
and making life whatever you decide to.

Smoke eyes by La Boheme
La Boheme

Eyebrow pack in brown 002 by Jumo

Metallic lipstick in darktones Orange by Pink Fuel

Iris Hair by D!va Hair
D!va Hair

Cleo Jewelry set by Jumo

Carol Dress by Jumo

Cher mesh high heel shoes for slink feet by R.icielli

Teenage Dream

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