Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Will Wait...featuring Finesmith and Swank with Baboom

It seems like it is a lost art. 
In a world of technology, the kids of today are growing up with the assumption that 
they should have everything right now. 
They think they should be able to contact you on command. 
They feel like they should have a product right this minute. 
They think that everything should come as fast as you can order a pizza. 
True relationships don't work this way. 
You must build a foundation before you can love someone. 
And despite what some may think, love and sex are not the same. 
If something is worth something, if it is worth having, worth building, worth its weight in gold...
you will wait for it!

Kiss Kiss lips in Red by Enchanted Ink

Metallic Eyeshadow in Sky by L'Anguisette

Tricia Hair in brown by Elua

Adwaita Jewelry by Finesmith

Amie-Kappe hat by Baboom at Swank

Chani dress by Baboom at Swank

I will wait

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