Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tree of Life...Featuring Finesmith

55L at Finesmith
Hurry before it's gone

The tree of life...
We think about things when trouble hits. 
When we lose someone or when great tragedy strikes. 
I know my best real life friend now has an amazing 
love for the tree of life. Her son shared his beliefs about it, 
and it's meaning, 
just before he left us. 
I know he is in a far better place than the one he has left, 
and I know I have my own relationship with the tree of life. 
What is yours?

Bee-Boop-Betty hair by Clawtooth

Dalmatien lips by you MakeUp Addiction
Smoke eyeshadow by La Boheme

Queen Jewelry by Crystal Line
No longer avaliable
Candice Dress in Pink at Finesmith 55L

Tree of Life

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