Monday, September 7, 2015

Telephone...Featuring Swank with Void Apocolypse Baggers

Hello baby...

Hey is that you? Yea, well stop callin cuz I am a little busy.

Do you have someone in your life that calls...all the time?
Yes I do too.
Night, day...10 mins after you talked to them.
They always up in your business.
Some day's I wanna throw the phone out the window.

Hold up...I'm gettin a call...
this may take awhile.

Cursive tattoo by Speakeasy
Prior event

The Witching Hour hair by KoKoLoReS

Aura Summer Top by Shay La La

Graffiti Angel pants by Void Apocolypse Baggers at Swank

Stacked Bracelets in black and silver by Pure Poison
Past gift

Video Clip Shades in silver by Glow studio
Glow Studio


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