Wednesday, November 18, 2015

By the Way...Featuring Designer Circle with Persefona, Pelle, Indulge Tmeptation, Culco, Missnoise, Pink Cherry, JK Style

Why is it that so many people abuse the one they are with
until they are gone?
Then when they aren't around anymore,
they can't think of anything else.
If you don't take care to appreciate the one you are with,
pretty soon you will be there alone.
Amazing how some people can't appreciate what they have til
it's gone.
Is it really that hard to see the good things in people...
help them patch up what is wrong
and basically be happy?

Bella Spider Web by Persefona Crown at Designer Circle

Div hair in black by Pelle at Designer Circle

Majestique Jewelry by Indulge Temptation at Designer Circle

Sheer Mesh Blouse by Culco at Designer Circle

Paper skirt in Leather Black by Missnoise at Designer Circle

Pearly Gold nail polish for slink hands by Pink Cherry at Designer Circle

Minna Heels in black by JK Style at Designer Circle

By The Way

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