Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hold Back The River...Featuring Swank with Thor

We use to go on family vacations, and one of my favorite places we stayed
was at a sister in laws family cabin.
Things were simpler then,
all our kids were young and we were all pretty happy with our lives.
Now we have divorce, separation, death, and time building a bridge
between what was and what is now.

Sometimes in life we need to hold back the river of change,
Take the time to love each other and work on strengthening our relationships.
It is not easy to keep families together these days.

I hope you are able to hold back the river and
spend as much time as you can with the ones you love.

Equino Table Wodden 2.0 by Thor at Swank

Storytell's Burrow - Grandfather's  Clock by 8f8

Storytell's Burrow - Old armchair by 8f8

home - hot chocolate marshmallows by erratic

Charlott's Pears by Apple Fall

Storytell's Burrow - Off the Hook by 8f8

Belgian Fur Rug by Wayward Muse

Hold Back The River

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