Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I'm Blue...Featuring Jumo

Speaking of blue...we all get blue every now and then.
Sometimes it's easy to kick and you get past it quickly.
Sometimes you don't and the blues stick around for too long.
This is how I deal with my blues.
I give myself 10 to 15 minutes to be blue about something,
then it's time to kick myself in the butt, get past it and think about something else.
Trust me, it isn't as easy as just saying it, and it takes work to
put your mind on something else and forget about what  makes you blue.
But, with practice you can start to walk away from those things and put your energy into something more positive.

This generation, which is being nicknames the butt hurt generation,
is use to or thinks that things should come right now, that you shouldn't have
to work for or wait for anything.

Anything worth it will require time, energy, pain and suffering.
If you are not ready to do the time, you won't get rewarded.
You will get just what you put into it,
and sometimes that is nothing.

Omella Hair by Damselfly

Alexa Black Eyeliner 003 by Jumo

Petal Lips in Electric Berry by Glamorize

Yakuza Dragon Gown by Jumo
Jewelry, Headpiece, collar included

I'm Blue

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