Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Reason I Sing...Featuring Shey, Jumo and Swank with Paisley Daisy and Semi-Precious

Everyone wants to be a star, to shine brightly and to be noticed.
Truth be told, the sky is already filled with stars.
You gotta shine brighter and be bigger than a star to be noticed.
We all think we are so special, so different, so unique.
But we all fit into categories, we all fall in line.
Every now and then someone seems to shine bright, seems to be bigger than life,
cudos to them,
but for the rest of us, who really do fill the sky,
shine as bright as we can, and light the earth..
remember, you may be one of many...
but you are still special.

Butterfly Two in teal by *LODE* headwear
Past gatcha

D428 Hair in classic black by tram

Eclipse Shadow in sea foam by #adored

Passion Lips in Bayberry by Jumo

Vintage Orchards Teal Gown by Paisley Daisy at Swank

Angel of My heart Bracelets by Chop Zuey

Neela Jewelry Light Pack by Semi-Precious at Swank

Manhattan Stilettos for slink high feet by Shey

The Reason I Sing

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