Sunday, November 22, 2015

What I've Done...Featuring Swank with AFI, imMESHed, Luminesse

From time to time things have to be burned down so they can rebuild.
For example a dead forest that contains more dead wood in it than live trees
needs to be burned down to be able to grow more life.
Sometimes when you have so much dead wood around you,
you must burn it down and start over.
Starting over can be an adventure. Remember when one door closes
others open a way to a new path.

So, today is a blank page, you are the author, what is it that you want your story to look like?
It doesn't matter what you have done in the past,
what matters most is what you will do with the future.

So here is to reinventing yourself...let it burn.
Today I let go of what I've done...

Tallulah hair by [elikatira]

Smoke S2-6 eyeshadow by La Boheme

Lipstick casse. in red by CHANDELLE
Past Group Gift no longer avaliable

Flighter in Dark by AFI Designs at Swank

Dark Zone chocker by WTG

Feldream Bracers and Helmet by ..Aisling. (Gatchas)

Cargo Belt by Ema's Dilemas

Gins and holders from the Danger Girlie outfit by *Lurve*
Past Event exclusive

Xtema Ankle Fetish boots in black by NeurolaB Inc.

Dead Cosmonauts by imMESHed at Swank

Zora necklace by Luminesse Unique Exotic Jewelry at Swank

What I've Done

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