Friday, December 4, 2015

I Wonder...Featuring Designer Circle with Persefone, LoveMe Skins, Indulge Temptation!, Glow Designs, Pink Cherry

For those who love religion, or rather for anyone who
loves spirituality, this one goes out to you.

It is good to wonder and question all the things around us.
Blind faith is the thing that leads to such things as
being controlled or doing things in the name of religion
that are against anything that God or Christ would ever have
one human do to another.
Praise God, but if what you have been taught is to kill others
in the name of religion,
there is a huge problem. God is light and love and would
never ask us to kill random people in his name.

Ok off my soap box,
In the name of the season...
love one another.

Sienna Crown in dirty green by Persefone at Designer Circle

Stevie hair by elikatira

Mahogany skin in Sugar by LoveMe Skins at Designer Circle

eclipse shadow in lizard by #adored

Crystalline Jewelry by Indulge Temptation! at Designer Circle

Samantha Dress by Glow Designs at Designer Circle

Glitter gold nails for slink hands by Pink Cherry at Designer Circle

I Wonder

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