Thursday, December 31, 2015

Keeps Gettin' Better...Featuring Jumo, Shey and Swank with Kerema

Life is good, love my family, love my friends...
and things are just gonna keep gettin better.
I have been struggling for a few years now,
but the tide has changed.
This is gonna be the best year!!
So Happy New Year,
Lets get this party started!

sf design - Hollywood SwagBag hat
Past event gift

Halverson hair by !Oleander (Group Gift)

Lorena Metal Eyeshadow in Copper by Jumo Beauty

Wildkat makeup Lips 5 by Glamorize
Regal Desire jewelry by Lazuri

Off Shoulder Mini Dress by Keresma at Swank

Milano Bag by Shey

Avenue Stilettos by Shey

Keeps Gettin' Better

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