Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Semi Charmed Life...Featuring Jumo and Swank with !IT!, AnaMarkova, otb!

Do you know anyone who seems to have a charmed life?
Where teething they touch is golden?
I bet if you looked at things, you would realize that we all have charmed lives.
We are fortunate enough to have a computer,
which means we have a roof over our heads.
Most have the love of a family, good meals each day..
We are very lucky.

So take today, find what you are grateful for and remember,
you live a charmed life!

New Release & Holiday gift 13 Dec 2015 hair by Truth

Zara Eyeliner in 006 by Jumo Beauty

Holiday lips in Red by Jumo Beauty

Majestique Jewelry by !IT! at Swank

Sleigh Ride outfit by AnaMarkova at Swank

Ivante Booties by Hucci

Sitting in the park by otb! at Swank
Scene includes tree, snow mound, bench and racoon

 Semi Charmed Life

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