Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lookin for Angels...Featuring Swank with Luminesse, LIZ, Luna Body Art

It is true, there are a lot of horrible, horrible things going on 
everywhere you look these days. 
But as bad as it may seem you always should look towards the helpers. 
Lives were lost in Paris shootings, 
but look at how Nations came together in mourning. 
Countless people sought out how to help. 
It was a handful of men who pulled off that killing spree, 
but the goodness across the glob was felt. 

It must be some kind of horrible people who pray on 
defenseless people and teach their children to kill others with 
no thought to the value of human lives.

But as many of the cowards that fall...and try to cause others to fall, 
the goodness always shines through.

So as you go through life, look for the angels, 
they won't be hard to spot.

SCO052 hair by booN

Ravens Rococo makeup by Madrid Solo

Capritzi Serieuse Ice Jewelry Set by Luminesse at Swank

Queen dress by LIZ at Swank

Candy Cane slink nails by LUNA Body Art at Swank

Golden angel Headpiece and wings by Astralia at The Winter Gatcha Festival

Lookin for Angels

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