Monday, December 28, 2015

Peace on Earth...Featuring Finesmith

Peace is a choice...what do you choose?

Be Part of a Global Movement for Peace

Imagine a space in your busy life where the only intention is to celebrate and experience Peace  
Imagine this peace as more than the absence of war, and more that the absence of noise, worry and even fear.  This feeling of peace is available to us all the time, but most of us find this hard to remember, much less choose to experience this simple reality.
So now, imagine creating this space, a personal alter of peace for yourself, on a specific day for 2 hours this Christmas Day.
Now imagine yourself and everyone you know all on the same day at the same time, at the same alter…Your neighbors, your family and friends, all the people you have ever met and new friends with whom you will soon connect… all having the hippest, most mind-blowingly cool, heart-opening, inspiring, authentic, collaboratively created peace experience ever had.

Can you imagine it? Can you create your own peace?

Kiku Hair by Ayashi

Chloe glitter eyeshadow by alaskametro<3
(August gift)

Light pink lips by Death Row
(Lucky Chair prize)

White Cold jewelry by Finesmith
includes headpiece, face piece, necklace and bracelet

Frost Fay dress by Blue Moon Enterprise
(POE8 gift)

Angel of Peace dove, glob and wings by Inga Wind Clothing
(POE7 gift)

Peace on Earth

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