Saturday, March 5, 2016

Black Magic...Featuring Fashion For Life 2016 with Pink Ice

Yes, black magic... cast a spell, sip a secret potion...

Imagine a friend of yours that you find extremely attractive and you are
becoming more than just friends with them every day in every way.

 Each day the two of you are becoming more and more passionate and you
both take more romantic and sexual action now.

Nevermind hair by Lamb at The Arcade Gatcha

Swan Garden headpiece (gift) by Finesmith

Winter Solstice Fullface makeup gift by Hekate

Nadine gown by Pink Ice at Fashion For Life 2016
Landmark to come

Scape Shoulder piece by Zibska
Retired piece

Queen jewelry by ((Crystal Line))

Please forgive me as none of these items are available,
but let it inspire your own creativity. 

Black Magic

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