Sunday, March 6, 2016

If You Ever Wanna Be In Love...Featuring Fashion For Life 2016 with Livian&Co-BySage

Have you ever ran into an old flame?
The best revenge of all is when your life is amazing
and you can see that lingering in their eyes.

I still have several old flings that still call,
still tell me that they lost the best thing of their lives.

Yes chances are, someone out there is still
thinking about you too.

Kirby hair by Truth Hair

Head Accessory Peony Double in plum by *LODE*

Gala MVW 2013 jewelry by Zuri Rayna

L'eau Castrol Lip 1 gloss by [mock]

Cerridwen 10 eyeshadow by La Boheme

Faith Gown By Lavian&Co-BySage at Fashion For Life 2016
Landmark to come

Bag by Azoury

Faith Shoes By Livian&Co-BySage at Fashion For Life 2016

If You Ever Wanna Be In Love

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