Wednesday, May 11, 2016

'Aint Your Momma...Featuring Swank with Selene Creations, Chop Zuey

Have you ever been with a man who wants you to 
cook, clean...just like his momma? 
Yes me too. 
Being someones momma is no fun for you or for him.
It's really hard to see someone as sexy when you 
are mothering them. 
So when he says..."My mom did it this way." 
you say, "Great, go have your momma do it for you."

Get your sexy back!

Bun intended gift of the Guardian by Analog Dog
Glamorous Divinity Eyeshadow by Dulce Secrets
Face Paint FFC exclusive (lips no longer avaliable)
Nicole Rose by [Selene Creations] at Swank
Bellatrix jewelry by Chop Zuey at Swank

 'Aint Your Momma

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