Friday, May 13, 2016

What Do You Want From Me...Featuring Swank with Modern.Couture, Dulce Secrets, Loulane

Sometimes others want things from us that
we just can't give.
Sometimes you have to step back and figure
out what is good for you and
not worry so much about what others want from you.
Sometimes you gotta be true to yourself
even if it disappoints other people.
Sometimes you just gotta be you.


Jong headpiece in black by [Modern.Couture] at Swank
Amber Hair by Runaway
Nueva eyes in Atlantic by Dulce Secrets at Swank
Smoke eyes S1-3 by La Boheme
Alexa Lips in gold by Jumo
Lace dress by Loulane at Swank

What Do You Want From Me

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