Saturday, May 14, 2016

If I Had You...Featuring Swank with {Letituier}, Semi-Precious, Culco, Deche, LA BoS

Some people in life enchant us,
they are mysterious and unobtainable.
We tend to put them on a level above our own.
I have had such people in my life.
It is easy to see a life with them,
one that brings you above where you think you belong.

Featured Designers:

Tango Wreath by Persefona at Cosmopolitan
Karina hair in dark brown by {Letituier} at Swank
Petal lips in Harlot by Glamorize
Chocolat lips 1 by !Musa!
Taylor jewelry by Semi-Precious at Swank
Floral print dress in white by Culco at Swank
Jeanne Heels in Red/gold by Deche at Swank
Wild poses by LA BoS at Swank

 Photo taken on the lovely KiLu sim.

If I Had You

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