Monday, May 30, 2016

Beautiful People...Featuring Finesmith

I am reminded of the time I went on a cruise to Alaska. 
There were some people on the cruise that were beautiful...
beautiful hair, makeup, clothing...
everyone stopped to stare. 
My then bf says...look, the beautiful people,
someone next to us said, "What are you talkin about? 
We were sayin the same thing about you." 
Funny how we see things in others that sometimes we don't or can't 
see in ourselves. 

Here's to the beautiful people!

Casyo hair by Miss C.

Mermaids's Majesty sea bunny ears by +Half-Deer+

Eclipse eyeshadow in mermaid by #adored

Lips in regular by Death Row 

Roxaane jewelry by Finesmith

Disappear body suit by Finesmith

Beautiful People

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