Sunday, May 29, 2016

Roses...Featuring Jumo

Sexiness is the word for this amazing dress, 
built in printed silk and embroidered with gold roses. 
Feel free to use the gold roses necklace and earrings included in this pack.

I think all of us want someone to tell us they will
never let us go.
Just remember that anything worthwhile will take great
amounts of effort on your part to keep it alive.
Sometimes we get that girl or guy that we really wanted...
but if you don't take the time and effort to keep the
relationship fresh and thriving...
you end up losing what you thought was
was so strong.
Take the time...send roses now and then.

*The Green color is a Group Gift!


Judith hair by elua

Desiree skin in Fraise by Jumo

Michele Dress in Grape including jewelry by Jumo for 299 Lindens

Red Rose pose by Nanika

Garavani shoes in gold by Jumo


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