Thursday, May 5, 2016

Everbody Wanna Steal My Girl...Featuring Jumo and Finesmith

Finesmith is having a sale!!! Everything 100L!
Run over and get all those things you were waiting
to buy cuz you could not afford them.
Finesmith is also part of  The Runway Perfect Hunt
So too many reasons not to stop by! Ohhh plus
the dress and jewelry featured here is this months group gift!
Still reading? lol...
Here let me get a limo for you:

Head Accessory - Unicorn in smokey sky by *LODE*

Forever and Ever hair by Clawtooth

Shalom Skin in Caramel by Jumo

Shay dress and jewelry by Finesmith (group gift)

Flapping Faery Wings in style 8 by Epic Fantasy Wings & Clothing

Orb by !Musa!

Everybody Wanna Steal My Girl

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